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Vantage Fit Corporate Wellness Podcast

Aug 31, 2022

The practice of self-care is regarded as an active contribution to our well-being. It comes in various forms. Self-care can be anything that works towards your overall wellness. Getting an eight hours of sleep is self-care and going to a spa for a good head massage is also one. However, people often tend to view self-care as a luxury. The reality is anything but that. Infact, a self-care routine includes taking care of yourself in any way you choose.

Adeola imparts her expertise on therapeutic self-care in this podcast and how it enhances personal and professional lives.

Adeola Mead is a Naturopathic Physician and Director at VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness with 15+ years of clinical and corporate consultancy experience.

VitaliTeam Workplace Wellness provides and curates health/wellness services and experiences centered on individual holistic, personalized care while fostering social connection and positive team cultures.

They are a “Boutique EAP” agency that is hyper-focused on identifying and comprehensively addressing the root cause issues underlying individual and organizational health concerns.